Simple guideline for beginner in web development sector.

This tutorial will be useful for those who wants to learn web design and totally new in this sector.

There are mainly 3 step worker . 

1. Graphics Designer 

2. Front end Designer and 

3. Back end developer.

The work of a Graphics Designer  is to make the total graphical  outlook of the site and it’s every pages mainly using  Adobe Photoshop. To be a Graphics Designer  one have to have a good and creative design sense and decent knowledge and skill about Adobe Photoshop and other design software like Illustrator. One who enjoy the work of creativity, art and  design can easily build his career in it by learning Photoshop.

The second is Front End Design. It means that the designer have to make the total PSD template using the language  HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery and now a days it is also required for a front end developer to have a decent knowledge in one or more CMS(Content Management System) like Wordpress, Joomla , Drupal etc. Though Knowledge of CMS is not always essential .

The third one  is back end developer. This is a pure programming work. The language you have to know to be a back end developer are
Php and mysql or php is a programming language like C++, C#, Java etc  while mysql is used to maintain the database and both are used combined to maintain the database of a website. Back end developer create and maintain the interactivity of the data stored in a web site. This is quite complex work to learn and you have to give time and patience to be a good developer.

For example If we consider about facebook :
Graphics designer will just make the Graphical view of this site . They will create it using Photoshop, they will fix the color, text style width and height of the pages and every elements with photoshop. Then this graphical design will be handed over to the front end developer.

They will also make the same design But using html, css, javascript, jquery. They will also make interconnection with the different pages of the site.HTML and CSS are the basic and essential while Javascript and it’s framework Jquery used to make the pages dynamic and to create the pages more stunning.
But for the back end developer the work is totally different. To understand this consider when a user makes an account in facebook he gives some information to the facebook i.e his name, mail, Password,age and sex. Facebook has to maintain a very large database to store the data of it’s users. Again when this user log out and again want to log in his account then it is needed to check his E-mail and password is right or wrong , if right facebook allow him to enter his account and if wrong facebook show him an error message and request him to give his correct information. This total process is maintained by the back end developers.

This  is the basic facts to build a website. You can build your career in any one of this three. Just carefully choose which suits you most. If you love the work of design  and creativity then to be a graphics designer will suit you most. And if you have passion for coding and critical problem solving then you should choose the development sector.  

To know about the tutorial sources to learn the necessary technichal knowledges see  this article 

5 Useful Sites to learn Web Design

Web design is now a days a very popular job among young technology pro. For the expansion of online business every organization wants to make a nice website to represent them in dot com world. So Learning web design and development will increase your value in the job market.

Here are some nice websites to learn web design.

1. w3schools
2. Tizag

This two sites will give you the basic idea about all languages to design and develop a web. You can practice languages practically in their online editor. I prefer w3schools.


A very clear and in depth discussion about the basic and advanced topics of the web design. It is a very useful resource for both beginner and skilled web designer.

4. Line25

Another nice website helps you to learn web design with a rich collection of small and in details explained web design project.

5. Hongkiat

A reach collection of resources on all the topics of web design.

If you are a beginner you should practice with the easy code of w3schools or Tizag at first. They are awesome for a beginner.

Then you should read the articles of shayhowe It will give you a clear conception about the basic web design technology.

After mastering the basic of the web design you should download some free template and try to make some templates . It will increase your confidence and help you to know about your lacking.

7 Simple and effective ways to be a better internet user

 1.   Write down the purpose of your browsing  whether it is finding any information or be introduced with the daily news or connecting with friends  and fulfill that purpose  without doing any other task.

2.Write down the unnecessary online activities and gradually avoid them or limit them in a stint .

    3.   This one may seem  controversial   with no.2 but it may be helpful.Find a way by which you can make your  unnecessary work meaningful like you may use your social connection to make  your social media friends conscious about any social problem, or you may form a group with your online friends to launch a social awareness program  or you may just form a group with people who is related to your career or any habit (like programming and gardening) and share knowledge with them  to make you more knowledgeable.

    4.  Set one or two creative work that give you joy rather meaningless internet browsing . It will free you from monotony of internet addiction and research tells that doing new and creative work make your brain, mind and physical more fit.

    5.   Find some Facebook pages that gives you good information about your career or hobby  or find some twitter account which give you this kind of information  and in this way you may make your internet using more efficient.Here is a good example .

   6. Take a decision to  make your all work meaningful and purposeful and try to eliminate all meaningless things from your to do list it  may  seem hard at first but it will give you a great mental peace.

   7.   Write down some of the benefit which  you can get by leaving meaningless online work . This will inspire you to  leave meaningless online browsing.

Simple and effective health tips for techno addicted people

Now a days modern people spend a large portion of their day in front of their PC monitor. Necessity and addiction make them sit down in front of monitor for long time. For many people  it is almost all of the day. Many researches shows  that sitting too many times in front of monitor creates many kind of harmful effect on our physical and mental are some simple and useful tips to keep your health free from this harmful effects. 

  1.    Eye is the most effected organ of our body when we use our PC.  Many harmful  rays  from monitor make bad effect on our eye. To be safe from this  (i) you should get your eye wet with fresh water several times when working on computer and ii) You should use spectacles to protect your eye from these harmful rays .  Also there are many kinds of eye exercises which is very helpful to keep your eye fit .Go here and here for some good exercises .

     2. Don’t sit for long time in front of your monitor at a time . It will create a very harmful effect on your backbone and hip bone as well as your eye if you do this for many days. You should take interval several times while working on computer. There are many online tools to help you to make  this a habit. One of the nice tool among them is tomato timer.

     3. Do some easy and light exercise in this interval . It will rejuvenate you physically and mentally .You can follow this and this tips for exercises.

     4.Doing exercise regularly will be a useful habit to keep your health fit and sound.

     5.    Set your monitor resulation as less as possible if it is not necessary to do your work properly. 'flux' is a great software to set your screen light perfectly. Get it from here .  

     6.   Use a comfortable chair for working.You can buy it from here .

     7.  Try to cut down your unnecessary work (too much game social media and so on …… have to decide it what is unnecessary for you) and  try to spend some  time with nature(walking and running in fresh air , sit in a green field …).

     8.  Try to practice relaxation and meditation for some time every day .

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