Chinese Air Force The Emerging Tiger

As a super power in economy ,technology & defense Chinese air force is one of the largest powerful & technologically advanced air power in this time .

The Chinese air force drastically increasing it's power & quality to meet the Challenge of modern
air powers like US air force, European air forces & Indian air force .

It has achieved almost all technologies to meet the modern challenge of it's rival air powers .

The total size of the Chinese airforce are 4,000,000 .

The number of Bomber aircraft is about 600 & attacking fighter is about 1,300 .

The number of large transport is about 80 , tanker is 10, & the no. of special mission air force is 400.

The surface-to-air missile section is also very rich & powerful .

Man power in this section are about 210,000 , no. of SAM launcher is 500, & the no. of AA gun is 16,000.

The Chinese air force is one of those few defense power which have capability to destruct sattelite from earth by missile .

The Chinese air force is equipped with many agile fighter aircraft like J-7 (800~1,000) and J-8II fighters, 76 Su-27 fighters (made by Russia), J-11 fighters(95~116), 76 Russian Su-30MKK multirole fighters, and about 60~80 Chinese J-10 multirole fighters.

Chinese air force is continuously increasing it's power to make it the world most powerful air force .