North Korean Airforce

North Korea is one of the remarkable country in the modern age for it's political position against America .

Though very poor economic condition North Korea has a very big & strong defense force consisting about 110,000 personnel .

The air force of North Korea is not so strong in technologically advancement . It's main source of help is China & Russia .North Korea get all kind of support in every field from this two super power .

The air force consist about 1,600 and 1,700 aircraft of different types , most of which are collected from China & Russia .

August 20, 1947 is considered as the foundation day of the North Korean airforce .It was founded by kim-ii sung .

Fighter aircrafts , surface to air missile , and anti aircraft missile contribute a large part in the North Korean airforce .

North Korea experienced heavy bombardment by U.S airforce during Korean war .For this experience it's primary mission is air defense of the homeland. Secondary missions include tactical air support to the army and the navy, transportation and logistic support, and insertion of special operations forces.

The no. of fighter aircraft is 484 , strike aircraft is 194, no. of trainer aircraft is 222, transport aircraft is 500 .

North Korea has approximately seventy air bases, including jet and non-jet capable bases and emergency landing strips, with aircraft deployed to between twenty and thirty of them.
The total no. of aircraft in this strong airforce is 1500 .

The north korean airforce is increasing it's strength day by day to face the increasing pressure of the U.S.A , South Korea & Japan .


Anonymous said...

I should think it is obvious that North korea is producing the Mig 29.They have a very advanced machine tool industry that is at the most ten years behind ours.Since the Mig 29 was designed thirty years ago it should be relatively easy for North Korea to copy it.In any case the Mig 29 that North Korea is using appears to be the more advanced Mig29C version.I do not think any country that possesed this advanced version would be willing to sell it.The Mig 29 C is noticable for its hunch back on its spine which contains additional fuel and avionics. It has been stated many times that no one knows where North Korea obtained their Mig 29s they have so I think it is obvious that they are producing them.It would be in agreement with their stated Jucche self reliance goals.

Anonymous said...

I do not believe that north korea wants a war.I believe that the reason they are developing nuclear weapons is that in case of a war we would not be tempted to use such weapons against them.They are indeed afraid of South Korea as they have developed their military into an extremely modern formidable force.They remember all to well that we came very close to using nuclear weapons against them during the last korean war.That is why I believe using sanctions against them is a waste of time.China who also recalls being a target of these nuclear weapons is not completely unsympathetic to the north korean position.

Anonymous said...

After hearing over and over again how backwards and primative North Korea is compared to South Korea I find it rather amusing that the North Koreans were able to orbit a satelite long before the South Koreans were able to.This despite the fact that the South Koreans are receiving considerable help from the Russians in their program and the North Koreans are using only their own technology.You have to wonder what other lies we are hearing about the North Koreans.I also thought it rather amusing that the North Koreans had to hide the time they were going to launch to prevent it from being shot down like the last rocket.

Anonymous said...

Many people have commented about the low yields of the nuclear weapon tests in north korea.However there are claims that what the North Koreans are trying to develope is something called a super EMP weapon.According to reports I have read such a device detonated high in the atmosphere can destroy the electronics for hundreds of miles around everything from computers to the electronic ignition in automobiles would be rendered useless.From what I have read General Swardskopf requested permission from then President Bush to use such a device prior to invading Iraq but was denied.It should be obvious that such weapons would be used in any invasion of North Korea.I am sure that the North Koreans are well aware of this and would be insane to not try to develop their own version.Such a weapon would not require a very high yield to be effective and thus the relatively low yields in the tests.