Presidential aircraft of Brazil:Brazilian Air Force One

Brazil is one of the powerful country of Latin America .

It has one of the most modern & sophisticated aircraft for the use of it's president .

The Brazilian presidential aircraft can be compared with American presidential aircraft 'Air Force One ' for it's comfort safety performance & technology .

The special transport group (GTE) is the section of the Brazilian air force which bare the responsibilities of transporting the President, Vice President & other high officials of Brazil .

The total space of the aircraft cabin is divided in mainly three parts.
The first part is for the use of president. This part contain a private office, a presidential suite, a meeting room and a security office.

The second part contains first-class seats reserved for authorities and senior staff.

The last part is used by Journalists and other passengers which contain 20 seats .

The aircraft is also equipped with the facilities of an ICU(Intensive Care Unit) & satellite communications technology.

The aircraft is equipped with some military defense capabilities including anti-aircraft missile countermeasures and a radar warming reciever .

For protecting the classified and sensitive information the aircraft is linked with (Brazilian Military Communications Satellite) .For this facilities it can transfer data ,image and voice
with Brasilia(the capital of Brazil).

President can use this aircraft as a command post by which he can fully cunduct his duty
from air in any critical situation .

However this aircraft is usually used for long range travel .There is another two aircraft for presidential use during short range travel .

This two aircraft are modified version of Embraer 190 jets. These are normally used for travel between Brazil and South America.

This aircraft can carry about 40 passengers.It has special communication system , a private presidential office and a meeting room.