Drobo B1200i Storage Drives

An excellent storage drives with many ultra modern technical features .

It contains 12 TB SAN with 12-Bay dual Gigabyte Ethernate .

6GB/s SATA storage with  six 2TB 7200 RPM SAS Drives.

The combination of SAS and SSD drives within a single chassis enables it to automatically optimize performance .

With no knobs, no tuning, no waiting it gives you an awesome performance levels .

The latest technical features like application optimized storage for SMB IT , BeyondRAID technology , Automated data aware-tiering makes it an awesome storage device for an IT organization .

The hardware design equipped with a removable controller card; dual-redundant, hot-swappable power supplies, and a hot-swappable cooling fan unit makes it a suitable storage device for an IT environment .

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