7 Simple and effective ways to be a better internet user

 1.   Write down the purpose of your browsing  whether it is finding any information or be introduced with the daily news or connecting with friends  and fulfill that purpose  without doing any other task.

2.Write down the unnecessary online activities and gradually avoid them or limit them in a stint .

    3.   This one may seem  controversial   with no.2 but it may be helpful.Find a way by which you can make your  unnecessary work meaningful like you may use your social connection to make  your social media friends conscious about any social problem, or you may form a group with your online friends to launch a social awareness program  or you may just form a group with people who is related to your career or any habit (like programming and gardening) and share knowledge with them  to make you more knowledgeable.

    4.  Set one or two creative work that give you joy rather meaningless internet browsing . It will free you from monotony of internet addiction and research tells that doing new and creative work make your brain, mind and physical more fit.

    5.   Find some Facebook pages that gives you good information about your career or hobby  or find some twitter account which give you this kind of information  and in this way you may make your internet using more efficient.Here is a good example .

   6. Take a decision to  make your all work meaningful and purposeful and try to eliminate all meaningless things from your to do list it  may  seem hard at first but it will give you a great mental peace.

   7.   Write down some of the benefit which  you can get by leaving meaningless online work . This will inspire you to  leave meaningless online browsing.