5 Useful Sites to learn Web Design

Web design is now a days a very popular job among young technology pro. For the expansion of online business every organization wants to make a nice website to represent them in dot com world. So Learning web design and development will increase your value in the job market.

Here are some nice websites to learn web design.

1. w3schools
2. Tizag

This two sites will give you the basic idea about all languages to design and develop a web. You can practice languages practically in their online editor. I prefer w3schools.


A very clear and in depth discussion about the basic and advanced topics of the web design. It is a very useful resource for both beginner and skilled web designer.

4. Line25

Another nice website helps you to learn web design with a rich collection of small and in details explained web design project.

5. Hongkiat

A reach collection of resources on all the topics of web design.

If you are a beginner you should practice with the easy code of w3schools or Tizag at first. They are awesome for a beginner.

Then you should read the articles of shayhowe It will give you a clear conception about the basic web design technology.

After mastering the basic of the web design you should download some free template and try to make some templates . It will increase your confidence and help you to know about your lacking.