SUKHOI The fourth generation fighter aircraft of Russian airforce

Sukhoi(Generally known as SU-35 or SU-37) is a fourth generation supersonic fighter jet made for Russian air force .

It is developed by Russian 'Sukhoi Aviation Corporation' about 30 years ago .

It is said that Sukhoi use the technology of X-29 fighter aircraft which was ceased by Russia from Nazy Army during World War -11.

The most important feature that makes this fighter most agile is it's 'forward swept wing' .

The Cockpit of this ultra modern fighter aircraft is designed with new ejection seat & life support system .

It's length is 74 ft & has a wingspan of 54 ft 10 inch .

It is equipped with many efficient weapon a 30 mm canon with 150 rounds .

It uses air to air missile like R-77, R-77PD, R-73, K-74 air to surface missile as X-29T, X-29L, X-59M, X-31P, X-31A, KAB-500, KAB-1500 .

It has 14 hard points to eject missiles on it's body .

Chinese J-10 Fighter Aircraft

J-10 fighter aircraft is a fourth generation fighter aircraft made for Chinese air force to face the challenge of the challenge of F-22, SU-27 , Mig-29.

It is a multirole ,Suit for any weather(day/night) condition fighter aircraft which can be used for both air-to-air & air-to-ground missions .

The project to build this aircraft started at mid 1980 .It is designed by Chengdu Aircraft Design Institute and built by the Chengdu Aircraft Corporation (CAC) of AVIC.

At first it was planned as a air superiority fighter but the changing requirements & continuous development made it as a multirole jet fighter .

The J-10 fighter first made it flight at March, 1998 lasting for twenty minutes , from 1998 to 2003 the fighter make it capable in aerial refueling , from December 21 to December 25 it completed it’s test flight as a firing aircraft .

Probably it is used operationally by the 131st regiment of 44th division .

Many nations have shown their interest to by this multirole fighter jet like Iran,Thailand, Indonesia & Pakistan .

Though there is a rumour that China has taken technological support from Israel & Russia it is strongly rejected by the Chinese defense source .

This fighter is very user friendly for the pilot during dog fight like other fourth generation fighter aircrafts containing an zero zero ejection seat which can perform a safe ejection in an emergency even at zero altitude and zero speed..

The pilot enjoys a 360 degree visual coverage using two piece bubble canopy which is a vital feature during air-to-air combat.

The fighter use the fly-by- wire flight control system .This system provides automatic flight coordination and keeps the aircraft from entering potentially dangerous situations such as unintentional slops or skids. This therefore frees the pilot to concentrate on his intended tasks during the dogfight

The pilot receive information visually by using LCD multi-functional displays in the cockpit .

The J-10 fighter has a tailless delta canard aerodynamic layout .This configuration is aerodynamically unstable which provides a high level of agility specially at supersonic speed .

This fighter uses a Chinese infra-red search & track technology which has a maximum range of 75km .

The J-10 fighter aircraft uses a multi-mode fire control radar system which can track 10 targets at the same time of which 2 can be engaged simultaneously with semi active radar homing missiles or 4 can be engaged with active radar homing missiles .

It is equipped with a 23mm twin barrel canon .It can carry about 6000kg weapons such as missile & bombs .

It can be externally equipped by air to air missiles PL-8,PL-9 ,medium range short guided air to air missiles PL-11,PL-12, laser guided bombs ,anti shipa &anti Radiation missiles like PJ-9 .

The variants of this aircraft are J-10A, J-10B ,J-10C,J-10S .

Chinese Air Force The Emerging Tiger

As a super power in economy ,technology & defense Chinese air force is one of the largest powerful & technologically advanced air power in this time .

The Chinese air force drastically increasing it's power & quality to meet the Challenge of modern
air powers like US air force, European air forces & Indian air force .

It has achieved almost all technologies to meet the modern challenge of it's rival air powers .

The total size of the Chinese airforce are 4,000,000 .

The number of Bomber aircraft is about 600 & attacking fighter is about 1,300 .

The number of large transport is about 80 , tanker is 10, & the no. of special mission air force is 400.

The surface-to-air missile section is also very rich & powerful .

Man power in this section are about 210,000 , no. of SAM launcher is 500, & the no. of AA gun is 16,000.

The Chinese air force is one of those few defense power which have capability to destruct sattelite from earth by missile .

The Chinese air force is equipped with many agile fighter aircraft like J-7 (800~1,000) and J-8II fighters, 76 Su-27 fighters (made by Russia), J-11 fighters(95~116), 76 Russian Su-30MKK multirole fighters, and about 60~80 Chinese J-10 multirole fighters.

Chinese air force is continuously increasing it's power to make it the world most powerful air force .

Russian Mig-29 Fighter Aircraft

Mig-29 fighter aircraft is a fourth generation fighter aircraft of Russian air force .

It is one of the most successful aircraft in the history of the Russian Air force .

Many reputed air power use this air craft as their backbone like India, Germany, Eucrane, Yugoslovia, Eritria, Poland, Serbia, Malaysia, North Korea, Cuba & many more.

Mig-29 & Su-27(Sukhoi) Fighters was made as a couterpart of the F-15 aircraft of the USA air force .

The weapon conveying power of this aircraft is about 4,000 kg.

The Mig-29 is powered by two widely spaced turbofan engine .

The internal fuel capacity of this fighter is about 4,365 litres .

The Cockpit is constructed with centre stick & left hand throttle controls , a head up display & a helmet mounted display, liquid crystal multi function displays. It has an impressive performance in emergency escape.

The plane consists an highly accurate radar fire control system.

Mig-29 fighter aircraft is equipped with a 30mm canon in both wing each of which consist 150 round magazine ,laser guide & electro optical bombs ,air to surface missiles.

Improved version of this fighter can also carry nuclear weapons .

It has a successful & rich operational history in many dogfight by different air force .

It has been upgraded by some upper versions like Mig-31.

Europes latest fighter Euro Fighter Typhoon

Euro fighter typhoon is a multinational project run by UK, Germany, Spain & Italy.

It is one of the most efficient fighter in modern air force .

Many powerful aircraft like Harrier Jump Jet retired by a replacement program with this Euro Fighter .

It is now used by the air force of following six countries:UK, Spain, Germany, Italy,Austria &Saudi Arab .

The Euro Fighter Typhoon is a multibillion dollar project which cost about 37 billion dollar .

Euro Fighter is the world's best selling next generation aircraft with many new & unique technological enhancement.

This highly capable & extremely efficient aircraft is run by twin turbofans. It's speed range is Mach 2 Which can flow over 65000ft height .

This light & carbon fibre constructed aircraft is equipped with ECR90 radar system capable to target multiple object at long range, multifunctional information distribution system, night vision goggles & a voice cotroling system.

It has made the air operation during combat (both air to air & air to surface) most efficient & risk free for the pilot .

In 2004 USA airforce Chief of Staff General John p. Jumper said after flying the Eurofighter, "I have flown all the air force jets. None was as good as the Eurofighter."

The Anglo-French Jaguar Fighter Aircraft

This aircraft is used by British Royal Air force & French air force .

It was developed under a project named SEPECAT ,first flew in 1968 &first came in operation
in 1972 .

The aircraft is used by many other countries such as Oman, Nigeria, Ecuador & India .

Jaguar is used in many operations & war in Maurotania ,Chad, Iraq, Bosnia , Pakistan & in Gulf War as a reliable &valuable resource .

This fighter is powered by a Rolls-Royce engine which was developed for it's use .

The arms used by this powerful fighter are 1000lb dumb bombs , CVR7 rockets ,cluster munitions ,laser guided bombs & a internal 30mm canon.

Though it is one of the powerful weapon in the modern air force it has been taken out of service
due to financial cost & a replacement program with Eurofighter Typhoon.

British unique fighter Harrier Jump Jet

The unique British fighter aircraft serves UK defense for more than 40 years.

This fighter aircraft is world's only vertical take off and landing fighter aircraft which can be
flown from both airfields on land & from smaller aircraft carrier on sea.

The cause that make this fighter unique & internationally reputed is that it hovers like a helicopter & flies like a fighter .
During the Falklands War Harriers shot down 24 Argentinian jets without a single air-to-air loss.

Harrier jump jet was first designed and built by Hawker Aircraft Limited in 1957.

There are four main versions of the Harrier family .

1.Hawker Siddeley Harrier 2.BAE systems AV-8B Harrier II 3.British Aerospace sea Harrier . 4.BAE systems/Boeing Harrier II
It's maximum take-off weight is from 17,000 lb to 31,000 lb .

It's maximum speed is 877km/h to 1,070 km/h.

The Harrier fighter has one jet engine (The Pegasus 6/The Pegasus 11) it has four nozzles that direct the jet engine thrust downwards for vertical lift.

The main cause of it's success is it's decent top speed ,it's long range & it's ability to hover in the sky .

Although it is an useful equipment of the UK defense soon it will go to retirement for financial cut off project & a replacement project by F-35 Lightning II aircraft .