North Korean Airforce

North Korea is one of the remarkable country in the modern age for it's political position against America .

Though very poor economic condition North Korea has a very big & strong defense force consisting about 110,000 personnel .

The air force of North Korea is not so strong in technologically advancement . It's main source of help is China & Russia .North Korea get all kind of support in every field from this two super power .

The air force consist about 1,600 and 1,700 aircraft of different types , most of which are collected from China & Russia .

August 20, 1947 is considered as the foundation day of the North Korean airforce .It was founded by kim-ii sung .

Fighter aircrafts , surface to air missile , and anti aircraft missile contribute a large part in the North Korean airforce .

North Korea experienced heavy bombardment by U.S airforce during Korean war .For this experience it's primary mission is air defense of the homeland. Secondary missions include tactical air support to the army and the navy, transportation and logistic support, and insertion of special operations forces.

The no. of fighter aircraft is 484 , strike aircraft is 194, no. of trainer aircraft is 222, transport aircraft is 500 .

North Korea has approximately seventy air bases, including jet and non-jet capable bases and emergency landing strips, with aircraft deployed to between twenty and thirty of them.
The total no. of aircraft in this strong airforce is 1500 .

The north korean airforce is increasing it's strength day by day to face the increasing pressure of the U.S.A , South Korea & Japan .