Enjoy Disney video on Youtube

Google has recently made a contact with Disney to show their popular TV shows on their video sharing channel Youtube without any cost. 

According to NYTimes Disney will make unique and original video series for Youtube .This may be a contact of about 10 to 15 million USD . By this contact Youtube will upload many popular video series of  Disney like 'The suite life of Jack and Cody','The proud family',
'Hana Montana' and others.

This contact will be an important achievement to make this largest video sharing website more popular .

Android Market is now Google Play

Google has changed the name 'Android Market' to 
'Google Play' .Google play will be a more combined and user friendly service of Google .It will be a combination of Android market,Google Music and Google E book store .

By Google play users will get all the contents of those 3 separate services in one platform.Google authority expects that it will ease their marketing of these contents and helps them to increase their customers . 

Apple touch the landmark of 25 billion downloads from its App Store

25 billion downloads of App Store
Apples App Store is one of the most popular online market place to the modern mobile generation .Recently it has touched the milestone of 25 billion downloads from its App Store .Enough to prove their great popularity and success in the mobile application market .

Apple will reward the person by $10000 gift card by whom App Store touch the landmark of 25 billion download .They started countdown for this day from 17th February and touch the landmark at 2nd March .According to Aa blog The Next Web(Link) about 48.6 million applications are downloaded daily from the App Store of Apple.
Apples App Store

Chun Li Fu from china wins the reward of $10000  for 25 billionth download . He downladed the game Where is my water.

Congratulations Apple to achieve such a great achievement and hope their continuous positive contribution to the technology world.

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Petition against amazon to stop selling Whale meat

A customer of the worlds largest online market 
Amazon.com created a petition against the site to stop it from selling whale .The whale protecting activists trying to increase consciousness to protect this valuable asset of the sea .This petition against Amazon is a part of this activism.

The customer says in his petition published on the site change.org that it will send a positive and clear message to the world if Amazon stops selling the meat of whale.A large number of people signed on the petition to support it.

According to a report of EIA(Environmental Investigation agency)(link) Amazon sold about 100 food items of whale meat in the month February .

Though Amazon hasn't declared their position about the petition it has withdrawn the items from their site . EIA's website tell that it will not be so effective only to stop Amazon from selling whale meat .They claim for a law to permanently stop the selling of whale meat .

Whales are invaluable assets of the sea as well as of our environment .We don,t want to loss this asset for greedy men.Welcome to all efforts to protect whale .

Bill Gates :Again the richest person of techno world

Though lost the position of worlds richest

person to Mexican billionaire and telecom

business magnet Carlos Helu Slim Bill gates 

is  the richest person of the techno world . 

News corporation Blumeberg gives the 

information .This organization calculate the 

amount of shares of the tech corporations in

the US share market and they find out the

amount of assets of the tech persons on

basis of the amount of share they own .

Net assets of Bill Gates is about $61300m.His 

assets increased 9.2% thisyear .Bill Gates 

founded Microsoft at 1975 . About 90% of the

PC users all over the world uses the software 

of his organization . Oracle chief Lary Elison

is in the second position .He has made  his 

Oracle corporationas the third largest 

software company of the world .His assets is 

Social Network guru Mark Juckerbarg is the 

third richest tech person and his amount of 

asset is $21000m.The next two position for

google guru Sergei Brin and Larie Page .They 

are the owner of about $18000m .Amazon chief 

Jef Bedges , Apple CEO steve Balmore ,DELL 

owler Michale Dell and Paul Alen are in the 

7th,8th ,and 9th position respectively . 
Among the top 10 richest persons of the tech 

world 9 are from USA . 

CeBIT technology fair in GERMANY .

The leading technology product fair CeBIT is

now running on Hanover (Germany) . It is the 

worlds biggest fair of the technology products

and industry . Industry shows their new and 

upcoming product and features ,tech leaders 

and policy makers share their knowledge and 

view in this digital fair . It is also a great

place for the consumer world . 

Both individuals and industries get knowledge 

about the latest version of the digital world 

and get their desired one .The CBIT fair is 

also a place to make different contacts among 

the tech industry and consumers .

The slogan of the fair in this year is 

"Managing Trust - Trust and security in the 

digital world."

200 organizations from 70 countries 

participate in this fair .About 80 percent of 

them are tech industry. Others are different 

govt. and private organization related to 

technology .Tech giants like Google, Facebook,

Microsoft and , Samsung and Sharp includes 

among them .There are Many new products with 

new features and facilities in this fair. 

Water Proof tablet PC is one of them.
One of the main topics of this year is cloud 

computing. The market of cloud computing is 

increasing day by day in tech world .There is 

also  participation of German automobile 

industry in the fair .
The duration of this great digital fair is from 6th March to 10th March .

Appple Latest ipad version released

Launching of new iPad
Apple released its latest version of ipad series tablet pc .ipad is one of the best seller product of the company .This is the first major product release after the death of Steve Jobs.The newly released ipad is equipped with following features: -

Crisper and more live display,razor sharp text,vibrant color ,rich and detail photos and videos with comfortable retina display(3.1 million pixels with support of super fast quad core new A5x chip).

Great photos and video recording with a 5 mega pixel camera which is equipped with advanced optics,an auto white balance, a backside illumination sensor .

The camera is also able to record 1080p HD video .  

Download content,data and video at amazing speed with ultra-fast next generation 4G LTE wireless technology .

This 9.4 mm thick tablet device has a very long battery life(about 10 hrs according to the claim of Apple) .

You can see the text on your screen more sharper than text on a printed paper with its ultra sharp screen resolution .

Awesome gaming experience with powerful processor and high quality graphics which is similar to XBOX 360 and PS3 .

Many new apps with a new version of iwork and iphoto .

Four times faster than previous ipad2 and more faster than 3Gspeed .

The video quality is better than a regular 40 inches HD television .

Films and TV shows in itunes store would now be available in 1080p
full HD view .

The price is $499 to $899 same as ipad2 .


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Future Mobile Technology: Charge by just touching your mobile

Mobile industry invest a lot for the continuous development of the mobile technology to meet their consumers demand as well as to win the race with their competitors.They launch their research work both in their laboratory as well as in partnership with different university . A developed mobile charging system has innovated recently by an Australian research team as a result of the continuous research on mobile technology .The team members are from RMIT university(Australia) and Australian National university .
Their research are on mobile charging technology .They have developed such a charging system by which the new generation smart mobile will be charged only by touch on its touchscreen. So the users will be able to charge their smartphone when they will write message using the touchscreen of their mobile. So the users will get rid from the traditional charging sytem-charging mobile with a separate charger which sometimes very boring for the users specially in the times of long journey .
The research team has taken help of Pizo electric nano-film technology .This technology convert any wave energy created by sound movement or touch to electric energy . Nano technology really a blessings to the modern technological advancement .The research team is trying to develop this newly invented charging system.
The consumer world will eagerly wait to welcome this technology .     

A tale of a future car .

The automobile engineers of  South Korea have designed an amazing car that we usually see in the Bond movies or Fiction movies .The proposed car has the ability to be a car in the road to be a boat on the water and to be a submarine  below the water .

The south Korean innovator named it as’ ASQ Combo ‘. This car will be very useful for the people of flood affected area .This Hydron car will drive through water with its Jet Propulsion system .This 3 seated car has electric motor with each of its wheel. By which it will act like a submarine below the water .

This electric motor are fixed in a water resistant box and they will work as propeller .The designer claim that it will be a comfortable vehicle both in road and water .

To see this car running on the road  we have to wait till 2040 at least .