SUKHOI The fourth generation fighter aircraft of Russian airforce

Sukhoi(Generally known as SU-35 or SU-37) is a fourth generation supersonic fighter jet made for Russian air force .

It is developed by Russian 'Sukhoi Aviation Corporation' about 30 years ago .

It is said that Sukhoi use the technology of X-29 fighter aircraft which was ceased by Russia from Nazy Army during World War -11.

The most important feature that makes this fighter most agile is it's 'forward swept wing' .

The Cockpit of this ultra modern fighter aircraft is designed with new ejection seat & life support system .

It's length is 74 ft & has a wingspan of 54 ft 10 inch .

It is equipped with many efficient weapon a 30 mm canon with 150 rounds .

It uses air to air missile like R-77, R-77PD, R-73, K-74 air to surface missile as X-29T, X-29L, X-59M, X-31P, X-31A, KAB-500, KAB-1500 .

It has 14 hard points to eject missiles on it's body .