The Anglo-French Jaguar Fighter Aircraft

This aircraft is used by British Royal Air force & French air force .

It was developed under a project named SEPECAT ,first flew in 1968 &first came in operation
in 1972 .

The aircraft is used by many other countries such as Oman, Nigeria, Ecuador & India .

Jaguar is used in many operations & war in Maurotania ,Chad, Iraq, Bosnia , Pakistan & in Gulf War as a reliable &valuable resource .

This fighter is powered by a Rolls-Royce engine which was developed for it's use .

The arms used by this powerful fighter are 1000lb dumb bombs , CVR7 rockets ,cluster munitions ,laser guided bombs & a internal 30mm canon.

Though it is one of the powerful weapon in the modern air force it has been taken out of service
due to financial cost & a replacement program with Eurofighter Typhoon.


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