Russian Mig-29 Fighter Aircraft

Mig-29 fighter aircraft is a fourth generation fighter aircraft of Russian air force .

It is one of the most successful aircraft in the history of the Russian Air force .

Many reputed air power use this air craft as their backbone like India, Germany, Eucrane, Yugoslovia, Eritria, Poland, Serbia, Malaysia, North Korea, Cuba & many more.

Mig-29 & Su-27(Sukhoi) Fighters was made as a couterpart of the F-15 aircraft of the USA air force .

The weapon conveying power of this aircraft is about 4,000 kg.

The Mig-29 is powered by two widely spaced turbofan engine .

The internal fuel capacity of this fighter is about 4,365 litres .

The Cockpit is constructed with centre stick & left hand throttle controls , a head up display & a helmet mounted display, liquid crystal multi function displays. It has an impressive performance in emergency escape.

The plane consists an highly accurate radar fire control system.

Mig-29 fighter aircraft is equipped with a 30mm canon in both wing each of which consist 150 round magazine ,laser guide & electro optical bombs ,air to surface missiles.

Improved version of this fighter can also carry nuclear weapons .

It has a successful & rich operational history in many dogfight by different air force .

It has been upgraded by some upper versions like Mig-31.