Europes latest fighter Euro Fighter Typhoon

Euro fighter typhoon is a multinational project run by UK, Germany, Spain & Italy.

It is one of the most efficient fighter in modern air force .

Many powerful aircraft like Harrier Jump Jet retired by a replacement program with this Euro Fighter .

It is now used by the air force of following six countries:UK, Spain, Germany, Italy,Austria &Saudi Arab .

The Euro Fighter Typhoon is a multibillion dollar project which cost about 37 billion dollar .

Euro Fighter is the world's best selling next generation aircraft with many new & unique technological enhancement.

This highly capable & extremely efficient aircraft is run by twin turbofans. It's speed range is Mach 2 Which can flow over 65000ft height .

This light & carbon fibre constructed aircraft is equipped with ECR90 radar system capable to target multiple object at long range, multifunctional information distribution system, night vision goggles & a voice cotroling system.

It has made the air operation during combat (both air to air & air to surface) most efficient & risk free for the pilot .

In 2004 USA airforce Chief of Staff General John p. Jumper said after flying the Eurofighter, "I have flown all the air force jets. None was as good as the Eurofighter."