Petition against amazon to stop selling Whale meat

A customer of the worlds largest online market created a petition against the site to stop it from selling whale .The whale protecting activists trying to increase consciousness to protect this valuable asset of the sea .This petition against Amazon is a part of this activism.

The customer says in his petition published on the site that it will send a positive and clear message to the world if Amazon stops selling the meat of whale.A large number of people signed on the petition to support it.

According to a report of EIA(Environmental Investigation agency)(link) Amazon sold about 100 food items of whale meat in the month February .

Though Amazon hasn't declared their position about the petition it has withdrawn the items from their site . EIA's website tell that it will not be so effective only to stop Amazon from selling whale meat .They claim for a law to permanently stop the selling of whale meat .

Whales are invaluable assets of the sea as well as of our environment .We don,t want to loss this asset for greedy men.Welcome to all efforts to protect whale .