CeBIT technology fair in GERMANY .

The leading technology product fair CeBIT is

now running on Hanover (Germany) . It is the 

worlds biggest fair of the technology products

and industry . Industry shows their new and 

upcoming product and features ,tech leaders 

and policy makers share their knowledge and 

view in this digital fair . It is also a great

place for the consumer world . 

Both individuals and industries get knowledge 

about the latest version of the digital world 

and get their desired one .The CBIT fair is 

also a place to make different contacts among 

the tech industry and consumers .

The slogan of the fair in this year is 

"Managing Trust - Trust and security in the 

digital world."

200 organizations from 70 countries 

participate in this fair .About 80 percent of 

them are tech industry. Others are different 

govt. and private organization related to 

technology .Tech giants like Google, Facebook,

Microsoft and , Samsung and Sharp includes 

among them .There are Many new products with 

new features and facilities in this fair. 

Water Proof tablet PC is one of them.
One of the main topics of this year is cloud 

computing. The market of cloud computing is 

increasing day by day in tech world .There is 

also  participation of German automobile 

industry in the fair .
The duration of this great digital fair is from 6th March to 10th March .