Future Mobile Technology: Charge by just touching your mobile

Mobile industry invest a lot for the continuous development of the mobile technology to meet their consumers demand as well as to win the race with their competitors.They launch their research work both in their laboratory as well as in partnership with different university . A developed mobile charging system has innovated recently by an Australian research team as a result of the continuous research on mobile technology .The team members are from RMIT university(Australia) and Australian National university .
Their research are on mobile charging technology .They have developed such a charging system by which the new generation smart mobile will be charged only by touch on its touchscreen. So the users will be able to charge their smartphone when they will write message using the touchscreen of their mobile. So the users will get rid from the traditional charging sytem-charging mobile with a separate charger which sometimes very boring for the users specially in the times of long journey .
The research team has taken help of Pizo electric nano-film technology .This technology convert any wave energy created by sound movement or touch to electric energy . Nano technology really a blessings to the modern technological advancement .The research team is trying to develop this newly invented charging system.
The consumer world will eagerly wait to welcome this technology .