Bill Gates :Again the richest person of techno world

Though lost the position of worlds richest

person to Mexican billionaire and telecom

business magnet Carlos Helu Slim Bill gates 

is  the richest person of the techno world . 

News corporation Blumeberg gives the 

information .This organization calculate the 

amount of shares of the tech corporations in

the US share market and they find out the

amount of assets of the tech persons on

basis of the amount of share they own .

Net assets of Bill Gates is about $61300m.His 

assets increased 9.2% thisyear .Bill Gates 

founded Microsoft at 1975 . About 90% of the

PC users all over the world uses the software 

of his organization . Oracle chief Lary Elison

is in the second position .He has made  his 

Oracle corporationas the third largest 

software company of the world .His assets is 

Social Network guru Mark Juckerbarg is the 

third richest tech person and his amount of 

asset is $21000m.The next two position for

google guru Sergei Brin and Larie Page .They 

are the owner of about $18000m .Amazon chief 

Jef Bedges , Apple CEO steve Balmore ,DELL 

owler Michale Dell and Paul Alen are in the 

7th,8th ,and 9th position respectively . 
Among the top 10 richest persons of the tech 

world 9 are from USA .