Keyboard The New V2 Standard Goldtouch Adjustable GTU-0088

Fully adjustable, plug and play keyboard for PC and Mac users. 

It can be fitted perfectly with almost all working area from your home to high-tech office.
keyboard,v2 Standard goldtouch
V2 standard Goldtouch keyboard

The keyboard adjusts effortlessly through it’s patented ball/lever design.

Soft and lighter key touch .

Low activation force and full key travel distance increases your comfort and reduces risk the risk of "bottoming out" when typing.

Plug and Play- No required driver or software installation .

Easy to use and adjustable for a new user .

Included in the box :
The New V2 Standard Goldtouch Adjustable GTU-0088 Keyboard Is for Both Mac and PC.

All Manuals & Other Accessories Normally Included with this item.

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