ASUS Eee Slate B121-A1 Tablet PC

An ASUS tablet PC with many user friendly features and powerful performance .

This is a “built for business tablet PC”.

12.1 inches multitouch display with HD video graphics and 1280x800 resolution.
ASUS Eee Slate B121-A1 64GB SSD 12.1" Tablet PC
ASUS Tablet PC

1.33 GHz Intel core i5 processor.

Windows 7 Professional operating system .
Comfortable view from all sides with 178 degree view.

Seamless and smooth multitasking performance with Intel core i5 processor.

64 GB 7200 rpm Hard Drive.

Multiple input  options :touch screen ,Bluetooth keyboard and digitizer specially suitable for pro designers for   more precise control and pressure recognition.
ASUS Eee Slate B121-A1

Windows 7 Professional let the users connect  to  their company network easily.

Hi-definition audio CODEC stereo speakers .
Up to 4.5 hours battery life with 4 cell battery.

2.0 megapixel front  camera.

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