10 sites based on facebook for facebook users

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking giant .For it’s great popularity it is now a place of attraction to the app. Developer, game developer as well as for the web masters .Now a days Many websites are only based on Facebook .Here are some web address which based on Facebook .
For Facebook users these sites will be very interesting and useful.


Very useful for new facebook users .This sites explain almost every question about Facebook very easily. The site contains a rich stores of solutions to solve Facebook problems .

This site has a big storage of Facebook status, update,profile, Facebook groups and pages ,Photo and video games and applications etc.The site also contains guideline for the Facebook users and many useful tips about Facebook .
An interesting  site contains funny status update, review about Facebook  games and apps and many interesting photo effects to tag your friends .

Another nice and interesting website for Facebook users. The site has a good collection of  news and update about Facebook and review of Facebook apps, games and pages.

This site gives you news and reviews about latest facebook  news, most popular facebook  pages, list of  best apps and games  of  the week.

In this site you will get a lot of  funny Facebook statuses ,Fails, Lo Ls  and  many more .

An useful site to download Facebook video .You can download Facebook video without installing any software or applications from this site .

The site is useful for the apps developer ,programmer and Facebook marketing specialists . It contains rich information and many useful guidelines for professionals.

A very rich collections of  status to rich your Facebook profile. 
The site has a rich collection of  smiley ,emoticons and animations .You can use this collection by installing a software from this site .