The prime minister of China Hu Jintao will visit to islamabad in the next month.China is a strategic partner of pakistan for many days. Now Beijing is creating  political pressure on Moscow to  equip Pakistani fighter aircraft JF-17 Thunder Jets with Russian engines. 

Russia has already agreed to supply the engines necessary for the JF-17s which will be produced in China.continous production of the JF-17 fighter aircraft began earlier this year. Pakistan plans to buy this medium class fighter in the coming years. 

Jenerally Russia do not export Russian-origin equipment to third countries. But now the situation is quite diffrent.There are some political factors in supplying the engines to pakistan.However Without Russian engines, Pakistan’s JF-17s Fighter aircraft will not fly. 

The JF-17’s take-off in Pakistan, with Russian assistance, would showcase the Indian failure to get the much talked about Light Combat Aircraft off the ground. The LCA, christened “Tejas”, was launched before China and Pakistan leaved their plans for JF-17. 
Worse still, Russian cooperation will allow China and Pakistan to leverage the JF-17 as a means to expand political influence with the security establishments in Asia, Africa and Latin America. China and Pakistan consciously designed the JF 17 for export. 

Bangladesh, Myanmar, Egypt, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe are somecountries which have shown interest in buying the JF-17. At the Karachi Military Exhibition later this month, China and Pakistan are expected to make formal presentations on the JF-17. 

Sale of engines to Pak JF-17s will make India anger. In other hand Moscow knows refusal to sell the engines to Pakistan will creat a bad impact between China-Moscow relation. Beijing is now Moscow’s strategic partner, and  cooperation in diffrent area of trade and defense between the two countries has rapidly grown in recent years. 

 China are pressing Russia for an early decision for supplying the RD-93 engines. Though Russia  insist no to make military cooperation with Pakistan, they have not refused China’s request on RD-93 re-export  .

China will try to make Russia agree to supply the engines for pakistan, which Will increase and strengthen the friendship and strategic partnership between Beiging and Islamabad.